Taking Wedding Photos With Kids

How to dress kids and toddlers for wedding shoots

Picking out a proper outfit for children and toddlers who are participating in wedding photos can be quite a task. If it is your wedding day and you are going for a certain look then you should also consider comfort for children. Nothing can ruin a wedding photo shoot more than a upset or crabby child. Clothing should be non-restrictive and shoes should be comfortable. We have all had to break in a new pair of shoes at some point. Putting stiff shoes on a toddler who is still learning how to adequately walk will only create a less than desirable mood for that child.

Moccasins can be a stylish and comfortable option for toddlers and small children to wear during a wedding photo shoot. It is important to make sure the baby moccasins are made of high quality materials and are flexible. There are so many variations in moccasins that any bride or groom should not have a difficult time finding appropriate shoes for the children in their bridal party. A recent wedding photo trend is taking pictures of the bride’s shoes. Brides are straying away from basic white shoes. Many photographers are taking gorgeous pictures of bright and colorful bridal shoes. The same can be said for children and toddlers. Many baby moccasins come in basic colors but are also available in fun prints. These fun moccasins add a remarkable pop of color to wedding photographs but also provide comfort for small children. When purchasing baby moccasins and moccasins for toddlers or young children it is important to know the proper size of the childs foot. Moccasins do have some give to them so it is wise to have feet professionally measured prior to purchase.

There are many things that can be done to help accommodate small children during a wedding photo shoot. When the shoot is lengthy and the photographer needs to get certain moments captured a child should be properly entertained. Simple distractions such as crayons and coloring books or a small stack of stacking toys will keep a small child entertained and controlled during a wedding photo shoot. Some photographers will even ask if there will be small children present during a wedding shoot and provide props for the children to play with to keep them entertained. The same can be said for the wedding reception. Many modern brides and grooms are establishing kid friendly tables to entertain children and toddlers. This prevents them from running all around and sneaking into pictures the bride and groom may not want them to be part of. Keeping small children entertained with simple activities and clothing children in non-restrictive and comfortable outfits will help make the wedding ceremony, reception and photo shoots run more smoothly.

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